Before arrive

My stay at the summer camp ends, who will take me to the airport?

Your host families will do your transfers while we have drivers for the host families who cannot drive. We tell the host family that a driver will collect the student 3 and a half hours before the flight leaves. We send the details to the students’ agents, you should ask them.

Do you have any kind of insurance included regarding the health or accident of the students?

No, it is not included, but you can use your European medical insurance, it is valid also abroad.

Can you reserve with an amount of money and pay the rest monthly until you travel?

Yes, there is the possibility to split the payment in 2, but the total amount must be paid at least 2 weeks before the arrival

How far are the host families from the School?

Normally between 45 to 75 minutes by public transport.

Can I have a sample timetable?

What ages are allowed?

14 to 17. In some cases, we can accept students that are 12 or 13.

Is it possible to exclude some services?

Yes, it is possible.

Should I take an English test?

Yes, before traveling you should take our online test to place you at the appropriate level.

Do you offer UM service?

Yes, an extra charge of €50 will apply,

When should I pay an extra night?

All required days are included in the package.
In order not to pay extra nights, students should normally arrive on a Saturday and leave on Saturday or arrive on Sunday and leave on Sunday.

  • Extra night in a host family shared room: €40 per student per extra night
  • Extra night in a host family single room: €50 per student per extra night

Can I book a single room with my Host Family?

Yes, there is an extra charge of € 30 per night, a minimum of 7 nights is required,

Do you offer special diet?

Yes, there is an extra charge of € 30 per week. (Coeliac, gluten free, lactose free, vegan)

After you arrive

Is there any free time on Sunday?

Yes, students have free time on Sunday, and they can go around alone. Please notice they must be back at the hoist family by 21 pm.

At what time students need to be home?

From Sunday to Thursday at 21, Friday and Saturday at 22

Can I have a sample of the activities?

Does the student travel alone to school?

Yes, they have a travel pass for public transport.

What is included in the package?

Package includes:

  • Airport transfers
  • Tuition 20 hours per week
  • Host family, shared rooms, full board
  • Packed lunch & snacks (Monday to Friday)
  • 5 afternoon activities (2pm – 5pm)
  • 2 evening activities with hot snack food (6pm – 8.30pm)
  • 1 Saturday excursion outside Dublin
  • Travel Pass

Can I change my host family?


Host family change, which is not a safeguarding issue will apply an extra charge of €65 including transfer to the new host.