Summer Camp for teenagers fees

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Weeks Price
1 €1590 – €1511 *
2 €2700 – €2565


Limited availability left at this discounted price

  • 1 week programme: July 15th to 22nd 2024 only
  • 2 week programme: July 8th to 22nd 2024 only

Host Family Programme

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Weeks Price
1 €980 – €931
2 €1790 – €1701
3 €2595 – €2466
4 €3405 – €3235
5 €4215 – €4005
6 €5020 – €4769
7 €5830 – €5539
  • Unaccompanied minor (UM) service arrival: €30.
  • UM service departure: €30 (this is obligatory for all students aged 15 or less on the date of departure)
  • Single room supplement: €40 per week
  • Extra night in a host family shared room: €40 per extra night
  • Extra night in a host family single room: €50 per student per extra night
  • Host family change which is not a safeguarding issue***: €65 including transfer to new host
  • Special diet (Coeliac, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan): €30 per week

* A 13-year-old may be accepted as an individual booking if accompanied in Ireland by an adult or an older friend/family member who agrees to stay in the same host family.
** Supplements are by request only and are subject to availability. Where a supplement is paid at the time of booking, but the service cannot be offered, a full refund of the supplement will be made.
*** Examples: Student wants to move host family to be closer to their friends or closer to the city; the student has an allergy not reported at the time of booking; the student has unreasonable expectations of their host family. In such cases, €65 will be charged.

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